The Players


Ward Hartenstein is a performance artist who claims that he can make a musical instrument out of just about anything. He is irresistibly drawn to things that make sounds – weird sounds, silly sounds, and even musical sounds. Someday he hopes to complete his musical masterpiece – a sonic invention known as the Oatmeal Splat-o-phone. In the mean time, he is delighted to engage in all manner of silly business with Flower City Vaudeville.


Richard Hughson ‘s love of wacky, free-wheeling physical comedy energizes everything he does on stage, and his acting and directing experiences give him the ability to stand back and see the big picture. Now he is thrilled to be working with Ted and Ward as Flower City Vaudeville, thus giving him the opportunity to blend spontaneous comedy with well crafted wit – and a few pratfalls. Hey, you never know what an old guy can do!


Ted Baumhauer, Ed.D., is an award winning juggler (5 ball endurance & best trick at the 2004 Cornell University Juggling Festival) and has been performing family shows since 1994 ranging from Wisconsin to Vermont. Ted is a founding member of Flower City Vaudeville. He employs a wide variety of physical skills including juggling, ball spinning, slack lining, unicycle, whip cracking, and bad drumming. When not performing with FCV he delivers unforgettable and entertaining Keynote presentations and Leadership Development Programs.

the characters

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