The Characters


The Emcee grew up in rural Ohio, the youngest in a family of twelve. Always vying with his siblings for attention, he taught himself a vast array of skills and circus arts. Failing to get anyone to notice him in Ohio, he struck out for the wider world. For many years, his stage name was Tedvick, the Doge of Merriment as he toured Renaissance festivals where his skills and bawdy banter were quite well received. After meeting The Maestro, he decided to trade in his doublet and breeches for a tuxedo and bow tie (red, of course) and to make his name as The Emcee – always the center of attention. His catch phrase is, “Watch this!”


The Maestro began as a child prodigy in Vienna playing the hurdy-gurdy on the street for small coins. Somehow he managed to insinuate himself into the Vienna Academy of Music and was on the path to becoming a successful conductor, when there was an unfortunate incident in which his extreme flatulence ruined a performance for the Austrian Royalty. He was run out of town and escaped to America to start a new career. He and The Emcee met at a Renaissance Festival in Poughkeepsie and have been working together ever since. His catch phrase is, “Oh dear.”


Hashadoo turned up one day as a stowaway in the back of our truck after an unremarkable tour of Northern Pennsylvania. Not knowing what else to do with him, we kept him. Since he speaks mostly gibberish, we don’t really know where he came from or what his story is, but his prodigious strength suggests that he may have grown up on a farm. He’s not the brightest bulb in the marquee, but he does pretty much anything we ask of him – from having crackers whipped out of his fingers to getting bonked on the head with just about anything we can find. His catch phrase is, “Higgedabundi!”

the backstory

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