A Night in Towanda

The three vaudevillians have arrived in Towanda, PA to premiere their new show! They can’t wait to show off their talented displays of juggling, music, magic, and more. But there is a complication. Their truck broke down on the way here, and they had to leave it behind along with most of their props: the musical instruments, the bicycles, and even the magical Chamber of Doom. They hitchhiked the rest of the way here and have arrived moments before show time with what few props they could carry. Not to worry though, they’ve been in touch with Ralph, the custodian at the American Legion Hall, who has promised to round up replacements for their lost props. The show must go on! What could possibly go wrong? Read a review.

“A joyful, high-energy, raucous delight”
– Paige Anderson, Ithaca Fringe Festival

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